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Freenode is not free. 


The word free in Free/Open Source Software is supposed to mean free as in speech.  Freedom of speech on however, has been injuncted by self righteous sanctimonious egotistical social justice warriors who have arbitrarily decided that they have the right to police speech and punish wrongthink in the FOSS community.

Freenode sucks

These individuals have taken it upon themselves to co-opt the management and "support" of the network and have quietly begun an insidious gentrification process to rid the network of "undesirables" who dare speak truth to their illusion of power. 

We as individuals must not accept the concept of Free and Open Source Software as something of our own.  There is not one, singular ideology behind FOSS other than the licensing of our source code. Our personal viewpoints on other subjects are just that.  Personal.  And entirely subjective.  They run the gamut from profound to extreme absurdity.  (I'm not sure whether art imitates life or the other way around.)

Open Source software development is not a closed community and never has been.  Our personal views have always and will always, continue to manifest themselves in our creations.  No one person has the right to claim that FOSS represents any single, unified viewpoint on any method, rule, or perspective personal or political or religious.

The history of the world is replete with stories of conflicts between humans from all walks of life and on every inch of the planet.  There are the capitalists and workers, the masters and the slaves, dominators and the dominated, conquerors and conquered, in race and sex and politics.

The Internet has made possible real-time interaction between people from all over the globe and has clearly demonstrated that people enjoy discussing history, psychology, astronomy, and political topics in the same environment and on the same networks and platforms where we collaborate on our on-topic projects.  Indeed the world first learned of the collapse of the Soviet Union via Internet Relay Chat.

The very nature of IRC with it's undemocratic, hierarchical, and some would say totalitarian power structure, frequently exacerbates these conflicts and often results in projects, channels, and cliques being led by un-elected, territorial people in the role of judge, jury, and executioner of anyone who does not effuse obsequious loyalty to the demi-dictator of their perceived territory.

In this environment women are marginalized, minorities are victimized, and minority opinion are harshly oppressed.  Any effort to resist the flow of intolerance and arbitrary suppression of opinion is often met with ridicule, indifference, and frequently punitive responses from both channel operators and network operators alike.  Censorship is the assassination of an idea and this is censorship in practice.

The very history of this network has revealed fierce conflicts of personal and political interest between users involved in nearly every project since it began as OPN.  Many of the oldest channels on this network were created as off-topic spaces where these discussions could take place without disrupting the flow of creativity and collaboration in on-topic channels.

The selective and arbitrary enforcement of vaguely defined "community guidelines" leaves entirely too much discretion to the types of individuals who wield the power of both oppressors and executioners.  In such a world which we live in and on a network where the tools are built which allow dissidents all over the world to have a voice in a secure and opaque fashion, in a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.

We encourage all users of to disconnect immediately and move their FOSS projects to (


Run by nearly 100 staff members over 20 worldwide servers, Rizon provides a strong base for any project, be it for fun or serious. In addition, Rizon takes free speech very seriously and avoids any censorship.